Education Timeline Through 1647

Education has changed drastically across the years. It continues to change still today. There have been many people and events that have contributed to the world of education that we know today. In my next articles, I would like to outline some of the most prominent and influential persons and events.

470-399 B.C.E. Time of Socrates. Socrates was known for his methods of teaching. He introduced the practices of inquiry, questioning, and discovering truths. At the time, many thought that he was corrupting the youth.

427-347 B.C.E. Time of Plato. Plato was a student of Socrates. He wrote The Republic, which was the first recognized idea of a Utopian society. IN his writing he talked of the philosopher as being king of society.

384-322 B.C.E Time of Aristotle. Aristotle was a student of Plato. He introduced realism. Aristotle discovered objects through hands-on direct contact and observation. He fathered the idea of classifying and putting things into order by categories.

35-95 C.E Time of Quintilian. This Roman educator thought that education should have purpose and practical application in life.

1466-1536 Time of Erasmus. He believed in humanistic education through liberal arts.
He supported the system of teacher training.

1561-1626 Time of Francis Bacon. This Englishman gave popularity to the process of scientific thinking and the use of reasoning to help understand the world and universe.

1635- Boston Latin Grammar School was established to help prepare boys to attend college

1636 Harvard College was established. This was the first college in America.

1642 The Massachusetts Compulsory School Law was passed. This law gave the local authorities the responsibility of enforcing that children receive schooling.

1647 The Old Deluder Satan Act. This act required that any town of 50 or more resident families be required to hire teachers for reading and writing purposes. The teachers had to paid by either the parents or the community. This helped to place education responsibility on the public.

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