Education Week in Review

This has been a wonderful week in education. The week began with a discussion about the benefits of having a literacy leader and then topped off with articles about college, kindergarten, bus behavior, and organizational tips. If you missed an article this week, read below to see all of the issues discussed.

Sunday, February 25

Literacy Leaders
My district recently hired literacy leaders. The literacy leader at my school does a wonderful job. Having a literacy leader at your school can greatly benefit both teachers and students. Literacy leaders aid in instruction and help teachers identify areas of weakness.

Schools Closing for Sick Days
My district rarely closes for sickness. However, some surrounding areas have recently been closed due to illness. Closing school when a high number of students are absent due to illness may be greatly beneficial. Read more to find out why.

Monday, February 26
Choices for Higher Education
A one point in time it was thought that good educations only came from major four-year universities. That is no longer the case. Today’s students have many more opportunities. Two year and vocational schools are turning out well-trained experts. Students should examine all options and make some type of higher education a priority.

Kindergarten Naptime
My kindergarten does not take naps. Some kindergarten classes are still set on having a daily nap. While some students still need a nap at the age of five, daily naps should not be a requirement in kindergarten.

Tuesday, February 27
Before Choosing A College Major…
What you want to do with the rest of your life is a big decision to make. Before deciding which profession is right for you, gather all of the facts. Explore different fields and invest time in the ones that interest you.

Thursday, March 1
Confronting Your Child’s Teacher
A positive relationship with your child’s teacher is very important. Keep the relationship in good standing by reading some of the tips listed in this article.

Tornado Hits Alabama School
A tornado recently hit a high school in southern Alabama. Many students were injured and the lives of school members were taken. The news of this devastation brought great emotion for me.

Friday, March 2
My Special Note
I was greatly surprised to find a note of appreciation from one of my parents. Small tokens of kindness can greatly affect others. Try to make it a habit to let others know how much they mean to you.

Promoting Good School Bus Behavior
Bad bus behavior is an issue that school officials deal with on a regular basis. One New Jersey bus driver has control over her bus. Read more to find out exactly what she does to keep her students positive.