Education Week in Review: April 14- April 20

This has been a wonderful week at! In education, I have discussed many topics concerning issues that children may face. These include bullies, cheating, school violence, and parent involvement. Check them out below.

Sunday, April 15
School Bully
In this article I discuss actions and signs of a school bully. Most every class has some degree of bullying. Bullying can lead to very serious and dangerous actions.

Why do Children Bully at School?
There are several different reasons why children choose to bully others. In this article I discuss each of the reasons. Some bullies enjoy power while others are unsure on how to make friends.

Monday, April 16
How to Handle a School Bully
Bullying can affect children in different ways. This article lists advice to give your child if he/she is encountering bullying at school.

School Guidance Counselors
Every student should feel comfortable around the school guidance counselor. School guidance counselors serve many purposes. Make sure that your child knows the guidance counselor at his/her school and understands that the counselor is there if he/she should ever have trouble.

School Shooting
This article briefly summarizes the devastation at Virginia Tech. Condolences go out to all involved.

Tuesday, April 17
Cheating is an issue that teachers have faced for years. There are different reasons why students cheat on tests and assignments.

“I Hate School!”
Some children do not enjoy school. In this article, I discuss tips and hints for helping your children learn to love school.

Thursday, April 19
Friendship Cliques
Groups of children that leave others out are known as cliques. Cliques can make life miserable for a young adolescent. This article discusses cliques and lists help for parents to give children on how to deal with cliques.

How Much Should You Help Your Child with Schoolwork
There are different levels of parent involvement. Some parents do not help their child at all and others help too much. How much should you help your child?

Friday, April 20
Why Parents Complete Work for Their Child: Reason 1
Some parents actually complete assignments for their children. This article discuss one reason why. Some parents do work for their children because the child is not academically capable of doing the work himself.