Education Week in Review: April 21-27

This week a variety of topics were discussed in education here at We shared views on parent involvement with homework as well as standardized testing pros and cons. I began my series of articles on the A to Z perks and concerns of public education. I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with me.

Saturday, April 21
Why Parents Complete Work for Their Child: Reason 2
Parents complete work for their child for various reasons. Some parents complete work for their child because they are out too late at night and the child does not have time. If this is a common occurrence, these parents may need to rethink their priorities.

Sunday, April 22
Why Parents Complete Work for Their Child: Reason 3
Other parents complete projects for their children due to competition. They want their child’s project to be the best. The parents have trouble letting the child take over.

Are Field Trips Educational: They Can Be!
Some districts limit or even forbid field trips. Field trips can give children experiences that they would otherwise never have. Field trips can be very educational and worthwhile.

Monday, April 23
Signs of a Dangerous or Distressed Child
Many teachers are not educated on how to handle or recognize a dangerous or distressed child. With school violence increasing, teachers need more training in how to deal with children that could potentially be dangerous.

Teachers Mandated to Report Abuse
Anytime that a teacher suspects or knows of a case of abuse, she is mandated by law to report it. It can be very difficult to know whether or not to report a suspected abuse case. Talking to the school counselor or nurse for a second opinion can help.

Tuesday, April 24
Standardized Tests
My district recently completed standardized testing. Standardized testing is a very controversial subject. In this blog, I define standardized tests.

Factors Against Standardized Testing
Many people do not agree with standardized testing. In this blog I discussed some of the reasons why standardized tests may not be appropriate assessments.

Wednesday, April 25
Factors Against Standardized Testing Continued
I continued my discussion about why standardized tests may not be the best choice for assessments. Some feel that a performance-based test may be a better choice.

Thursday, April 26
Pros of Standardized Testing
Although many do not agree with standardized testing, it does have some advantages. Standardized tests can let administrators compare groups of students. A computer can also grade them.

Standardized Tests: My Thoughts
I was involved in standardized testing when I taught eighth grade. However, now I do not have to worry with the test, I do not completely disagree with standardized testing but I feel that it should not be as big of a factor as it is in most districts.

Friday, April 27
Standardized Tests: My Thoughts Continued
In this article, I continued my discussion on standardized testing. I can see both pros and cons of the tests.

Perks of Public Education: A = Assemblies
I began my series of articles that will address both the pros and cons of teaching public education from A to Z. This article addressed how I enjoy school assemblies.