Education Week in Review: April 7 – April 11

This week I have discussed educational topics dealing with gas prices, runaway school buses and more. If you missed out on an article this week you can always check below for a quick recap of what was discussed.

Monday, April 7
Send Home Projects as Extra Credit
After previous discussion about send home projects I talked with a teacher who uses the projects as extra credit for the students. I feel that this is a much better idea than making them manandorty.

Tuesday, April 8
Girl Skips School and Saves a Runaway School Bus
After feelings sick and asking a bus driver to take her back home, one girl becomes a sort of hero. The driver was thrown from the seat and the girl took control of the wheel of the runaway bus. Many were glad that she was there. However the school still handed out her one day suspension for not following the check out procedures.

Driver Leaves Students Unattended on Bus
The driver broke the rules and will never forget it. After stopping for fuel and a restroom break (which is forbidden with students on the bus) a driver watched his bus roll down a street. Thankfully one quick thinking student stopped the bus before it was too late.

Wednesday, April 9
Taking a Break from Difficult Students
Every now and then teachers comes across a student that nearly intolerable. During those years, teachers need a break. This article discusses how to get one.

Thursday, April 10
Gas Prices Affect Schools
Due to rising gas prices, some schools have experienced a noticeable rise in cost. It cost more to run school buses and more for children to take field trips. Like many, schools are looking for ways to save when it comes to travel.