Education Week in Review: August 11- August 17

This week addressed many different educational topics. Issues in education cover a wide span of discussions. This week, I looked into teacher on waivers, preventing the spread of germs at school, grouping students with similar abilities, and how school assign students to teachers.

Sunday, August 12
Teaching on a Waiver
Some specialty areas in education have a shortage of certified teachers. Therefore school systems hire teachers with different certifications for the job. The teacher is consider to be teaching on a waiver and must begin taking class toward the certification in which he or she is currently teaching.

Monday, August 13
Back to School Germs
Most children stay fairly healthy through the summer months. However when schools get back into session, germs begin to spread. Illnesses such as stomach viruses and strep throat spread quickly through classrooms and schools. This article suggests a few ideas for keeping germs where they belong.

Tuesday, August 14
Grouping Special Education Students for Scheduling Purposes
Scheduling can be a major issue for schools. There is often not enough personal compared to all of the extra time and help that some students need. Therefore some schools group students into one classroom in order to service more children in one time slot.

Wednesday, August 15
Homeroom Student Assignments
Schools have a variety of ways that they place students into homerooms. This article discusses different methods. Some schools choose to use random methods while other schools allow parents to choose a teacher for their child.