Education Week in Review: August 25- August 31

This has been a very interesting week at There have been several changes and additions to writing topics. I plan to continue bringing you up to date information about educational issues. Check out below for articles from this week.

Sunday, August 26
Pay Students to Stay in High School?
Arizona has devised a plan to attempt to keep students from dropping out of high school. Under the new plan, students will receive $25 a week to stay in school and keep up good grades. The students must also stay out of trouble.

Montessori Celebrates 100 Years
Maria Montessori introduced her style of teaching one hundred years ago this year. Montessori did not have intentions to tread into the field of education. However after working in an insane asylum and an underprivileged daycare, she discovered how children learn.

Monday, August 27
New York Buys into Payment Plan
New York also has a plan that pays both students and parents for good grades and staying out of trouble. Under this plan, families can earn hundreds of dollars for staying healthy and involved in academics.

Semi-Departmentalized Teaching
For several years I taught under a set-up that I consider to be semi-departmentalized. In semi-departmentalized teaching there are fewer teachers than in a departmentalized setting. In this article I discuss some pros and cons.

4 Reasons Why Paying Students For Good Grades Might Work
In this article, Valorie discusses reasons why she feels that a payment plan is right for New York. Valorie lives in New York and has a personal outlook on the plan.

Wednesday, August 29
Departmentalized Teaching
Most high schools and middle schools teach under a departmentalized plan. Under departmentalized teaching, all subjects are taught by a different teacher.

Self-Contained Classrooms
Most primary grades are taught in a self-contained class. When a teacher teaches in a self-contained classroom, he/she teaches the same students all day. The teacher is responsible for all core subjects.

Friday, August 31
Keep a Sick Child at Home!
In this article I discuss a personal experience where a child is sent to school sick. If a child has a fever or is throwing up, it is the best interest of the child and the other students if the child stays home.