Education Week in Review: August 4 – August 10

Unfortunately the education blog has been slow the past week. School is back in session and I have had a lot of preparing to complete. As soon as things are settled, I promise to be back in full force with lots of reporting!

Saturday, August 4
A principal has a very important job. The principal’s attitude greatly reflects on the attitude and environment of the school. Not only does a principal have to be educated on dealing with children, a principal also has to be aware of education laws, dealing with parents, and managing a team of educators.

Monday, August 6

Female Principals
I have worked for both a male and a female principal. At one point in time, principals were thought to be only male. However, times have changed. This article addresses some of the advantages of having a female for a school principal.

Tuesday, August 7
Male Principals
Females are making their way up to school administration jobs. While females can make great principals, this article addresses some advantages of having a male principal.

Thursday, August 9
Custody Issues and School
Filling out personal information about children seems to have become a very difficult task for some families. Children are now living in all different types of situations. The traditional family as it was once known is now gone.

Friday, August 10
Parent Night
With school back in session, many teachers are taking part in a parent night. I think that parent nights are very important. If you have not met your child’s new teacher, plan to do so quickly!