Education Week in Review: December 22- December 28

My Christmas vacation break is quickly coming to an end. It will not be long until cold early mornings are back again. While I dread those days, I am looking forward to the children’s excitement of returning to their friends and school.

Articles discussed were teacher moms, Christmas break, best teacher gifts, and more. This week my favorite education topic to discuss was the discovery of a funding website for teachers. Check out below for more details!

Saturday, December 22
Christmas Vacation Break
This article takes into consideration that most school children have not been in class in the past couple of weeks. It discusses the different possibilities for children over the vacation break. Some children attend a care child while others get to stay with family or stay at home parents.

When Teachers are Moms
In this article I discuss how it can be hard to move from teacher mode to mom mode. Sometimes teachers push their children harder because they can see all of the various struggles that children can face. It can also be very difficult to be at a child’s demand at work and at home.

Tuesday, December 25
The Best Gifts of All
In this article I describe the best gifts that a teacher can receive. The gifts are not from a material point of view. These gifts are given all year long and not only at Christmas.

Friday December 28
Funding Site I Discovered:
I was very excited to find out about a site that allows the general public to fund projects for teachers. This article highlights the site. Future articles will give much more details about how the site works and what types of projects can be funded.