Education Week in Review: December 29 – January 4

This is the last weekend for the students in my county before returning to school on Monday. During this week I have discussed in-service day, grade level unity, and the fabulously educated readers at Check below for more details!

Saturday, December 29
More about
This article addresses even more facts about the website The site was previously described in another article.

Thursday, January 3
In-Service Day!
In this article I talk about my day at in-service and my frustrations with the paperwork and reports that are now required of schools and teachers.

Expanding Across the Grade Levels
Most schools have teachers that work together within the same grade level. However, fewer teachers across the grade levels work together. In this article, I discuss why multi grade level teachers should communicate.
More about Grade Level Unity
This article continues my discussion about why I feel that all grade levels in a school should work together. I also offer some ideas on how to help each grade level appreciate the other.

Friday, December 4
Returning to Class after Christmas Vacation
This article talks about the excitement that children have when seeing their teacher and friends after Christmas break. It gives teachers some ideas to try to focus the excited energy into learning.

Talk of Tattling in the Forums
After noticing a thread about tattling in the forums I decided to revisit it in my articles. This article discussed different approaches to help limit tattling. Readers are an Educated Group!!
This article was also inspired by the forums. In the forum, there was a thread where readers listed their level of education. Wow! We are an educated group!