Education Week in Review: December 8 – December 14

This has been another exciting week in education here at Several topics have been discussed this week. However the ones talked about the most have been the decisions about having twins together or separate in the classroom. There are many points of views out there when it comes to multiples in the classroom. Check out below for all of this week’s topics.

Monday, December 10
Experience Makes a Difference
A recent research study in education found that the teacher’s experience had more of an effect on student performance than the teacher’s education level. Teaching experience is a great value to teachers. There are many things that a degree cannot prepare you for.

Wednesday, December 12
Legislation for Twins in the Classroom
Some schools have a very strict policy that states that twins and other multiples must be in separate classrooms. After parents found out about the policy, they decided to take action. Now several states have passed bills to allow parents to have a say in whether their multiples stay together or apart in school.

Pros of Twins in the Same Classroom
Many parents see that it is a great advantage to have their twins in the same classroom at school. In this article I have listed some of those pros. Many of the advantages are directed toward home life and the parents.

Thursday, December 13
Twins in the Classroom: Why the School Should Not Make the Decision
In this article I address the fact that in most cases the school should not make the decision on whether a set of multiples stay together or are apart in the classroom. The parents should be the ultimate decisions makers.