Education Week in Review: Feb. 10 – Feb. 16

This has been another great week in education at I am now the only education writer. Although I miss having the opinions of a high school teacher, I will try to offer education information from all aspects of the spectrum. With all of the Valentine’s Day excitement, some of you may have missed a couple of articles this week. Therefore, here are snapshots from the week.

Saturday, February 10

Self-Respect Verses Self-Esteem
In this article, I discussed the difference between self-respect and self-esteem. While self-esteem is often easily acquired due to compliments from others, self-respect must be earned and come from within one’s self.

Shocking Teacher Survey Results
I was dismayed to find that teachers could voice opinions as the ones discussed in the survey. Some of the teachers interviewed did not value enthusiasm, parent involvement, or caring about students. I was shocked to learn that a greater percentage of teachers surveyed shared this lack of very important values.

Sunday, February 11

Teaching All Children
While many schools offer programs for gifted and special needs children, it is also very important for general classroom teachers to accommodate these children. Too often, general education teachers teach on one level. Teachers need to broaden their lessons and teach on a variety of levels.

Monday, February 12

Birthdays at School
Birthdays at school can be a wonderful experience. This article discusses some tips to make the event even better! Ideas for both teachers and parents are included.

Tuesday, February 13

Students Driving to School
Many teenage students drive to school. States and school districts are beginning to place limitations on these students. Some states require students to uphold a good standing attendance and truancy record. Some school districts are creating rules for driving students. If the rules are broken, students may lose the privilege to drive to school.

Wednesday, February 14

High School Activities in Middle and Elementary Schools
Many middle and elementary schools are now hosting activities that once were reserved for high school students. These activities include homecomings, graduations, and dances. Should these activities be carried out with younger students or saved for high school?

Title 1 Funding
Title 1 Funding was created to give all students an equal education, regardless of economic background. Schools receive funding based on their percentage of low-income students. The funding can be used to hire teachers, purchase materials, hire assistants, or fund parent involvement activities.

Thursday, February 15

School Closing-Be Prepared!
Are you prepared for your child’s school closing early? My school recently closed right after the students arrived at school. I did not hear of many parents that could not be contacted. However, it is a good idea to discuss with your child the plan to be carried out if school closes early.

Friday, February 16

D.A.R.E. Programs
My county is actively involved in the D.A.R.E. program. D.A.R.E. is sponsored and taught by law enforcement officers. D.A.R.E. teaches children about the effects drugs have on their bodies. It also gives the children creative ways to resist peer pressure.