Education Week in Review: February 16 – February 29

Welcome back to a wonderful weekend wrap up of education topics and issues. The past couple of weeks have been a little slow on my part. Therefore, this week’s review will detail the two past weeks. The weeks’ discussions have ranged from school lunch to history, to teaching proper etiquette to girls. Check out below for any discussions that you may have missed.

Tuesday, February 19
School Cafeterias are Losing Money
More and more children are bringing their lunch to school. Children are becoming dissatisfied with the choices and taste of school lunches. Cafeterias are being forced to offer more varieties and better food in order to win back their customers.

Southern Belle Schooling in Tennessee
One summer school in Tennessee offers girls the chance to experience life years ago. Columbia offers a one-week Southern Belle school for young girls.

Friday, February 22
Make Better Use of Travel Time
While many parents spend travel time talking on the cell phone or listening to the radio, the time could be well spent with quality activities. Next time try talking to your child or playing word games.

Unique Learning Experiences
This article discussed how one school taught its students winter survival skills and even took a class winter trip.

Wednesday, February 27
Spice Up Your Lessons with Food
This article offers the suggestion of adding foods to your lessons to increase the interest of students.

Thursday, February 28
Students Lack History Knowledge
After a recent survey of seventeen year old students, it was found that many teenagers know very little about their history and even literature.

Why Early Interventions?

More and more focus is being placed on the early grades for intervention techniques. Teachers and school staff are working hard to ensure that the basics are learned before moving on to upper grade levels.