Education Week in Review: February 2 – February

This week has brought many educational discussions and topics. Teachers and students alike are missing classes all across America due to sickness from the winter weather, snow and ice, and storms.

Check below for any articles that you may have missed this week!

Saturday, February 2
My Frustrations with Teachers and Above Average Students
In this article I discuss my frustrations with the lack of support and encouragement that we give the above average students. These students need and extra push to move them even further above.

Sunday, February 3
More about Taking Students above and Beyond
This article is a continuation of my discussion of how teacher can reach those students who excel. Teachers need to focus on moving the students above and not letting them stand idle.

Adding Extra Information to Your Lessons
This lesson gives teachers ideas on how to add extra information to lessons to give the above average students a push.

Monday, February 4
More Thoughts about Schooling Online
In this article, I continue a discussion about attending school online. The new trend is online public schools.

Student Absences and Make-up Work
Many students have been absent due to sickness. This article discusses how students and teachers deal with make-up work.

Get Rid of Lice from School with the Lady Nitpickers
Lice are an issue that some parents and students face this time of year. This article discusses a group of ladies who have made a business of nit picking.

Tuesday, February 5
How Time is Spent at School
In this article I give a brief recap of a news story that suggest American students do not spend as much time learning as other countries.

Can We Really Control a Child’s Behavior?
In this article, I address the fact that in some cases we are very limited on controlling a child’s behavior. Technically we cannot make a child behave.

Wednesday, February 6
Chicken Pox Has Arrived!
My school has experienced an outbreak of chicken pox. This article discusses the outbreak.

Thursday, February 7
Students Paid to Attend Tutoring
Georgia has decided to create a program that pays students to attend after school tutoring. The students are paid eight dollars an hour.

Tips for New Students
Getting a new student can cause some stress and work for teachers. Be prepared with some suggestions from this article.

Friday, February 8
How Students can Affect One Another
Some children work well together. However others do not. This article talks about how some students need to be separated.

Teacher Tip: Toughen Up Then Have Fun
This article is a tip for new teachers. It describes how teachers need to begin tough and once control is gained, they can then have fun with the class.