Education Week in Review: February 9- February 15

This week brought many interesting educational topics. Discussions ranged anywhere from planning units to student skill levels to personal stories. Check out the descriptions below for more details on this week’s articles.

Monday, February 11
Planning Units
Many primary grade teachers have just recently received adopted textbook materials. Until now, the teachers were required to created their own teaching materials. Many teachers did this, and some still do, by planning units. This articles discusses the planning of a unit.

Tuesday, February 12
The Power of One Child
This article takes a look at how one child can change the entire attitude and mood of a class. The mood may not necessarily be a positive one. In some cases, one child can keep the teacher and the class in continuous chaos.

Wednesday, February 13
Student Skill Levels
After receiving a PM about this topic, I decided to take a look into student skill levels. It seems that some states are putting great interest into student skill levels.

Thursday, February 14
Cons of Students Knowing Skill Levels
While some feel that it is a positive experience for students to be aware of their own levels, this article addresses some cons and negatives that it can bring to a child’s academics.

The Comment of a Child
In this article I discuss how one comment from a child upset me. This comment referred to students being on different levels. I discuss how I handled the comment.