Education Week in Review: January 12 – January 18

The mornings on the school bus are now very cold. The coats, gloves, and hats fill the classroom. However, the news in education continues to be hot. Check out below for topics from this week.

Sunday, January 13
Helping Children in Need
In this article I discussed how many organizations help children during the holiday months. However, I am proud that a local organization sends food home with my school’s needy students every Friday.

School for Special Needs Adults Opens Business
We are all very aware that some children have special needs. In elementary school we do all that we can to serve and help these children excel. However, what happens to them later? I found an article that discussed how one special needs school for adults is training its students to survive in the workforce.

Monday, January 14
Teachers and Urinary Tract Infections
This article discusses how urinary tract infections are common to many female teachers. Teachers are short on restroom breaks throughout the day. They also do not consume as much water as they need.

Tips for Teachers: Lunch Choices
The day can go much smoother if the teacher can pass off some of the daily duties to the children. I have my students be responsible for making their own lunch choices. This article gives some ideas.

Tuesday, January 15
Tips for Teachers: More Ideas for Lunch Choices
This article continues the previous article. It offers more ideas on how to give students more responsibility in daily duties and making lunch choices.

Treating All Students the Same
After reading an article in the Parenting section, I began thinking about difficult it is to treat all students the same. Children are individuals and each case must be treated as an individual case.

Some Things Just Need to be Memorized
While learning the how and why are very important, there are some things in school that just have to be memorized. For example, math facts and words that do not follow spelling rules.

Thursday, January 17
Homeschooling and Public Teaching Comparison: Choosing a Curriculum
One aspect of homeschooling that I wish flowed over into the public system is being allowed to choose our own curriculums. While teachers can use any supplemental materials, the texts are adopted by the county and must be sued by all of the county schools.

Friday, January 18
Preschooling at Home: My Thoughts
This article was a response to one of Valorie’s articles in Homeschooling. I think that any parent that is able to give their preschool child the attention that it needs should do so. However, many parents work. If your child must be away from you, it might as well be in an educational environment.

Study Says Some Colleges Admit Students Based on Gender
One recent newscast that I saw stated that some colleges are admitting males with less credentials in order to keep an equal percentage of the student population when it comes to gender.