Education Week in Review: January 19- January 25

This week’s articles go from education in the news to classroom tips. While some of you were snowed in and glued to the computer, others may have missed out on some articles. Check below to see what was discussed this week.

Saturday, January 19
Teaching Children in the Changing World
Children as well as teaching are continuously changing with the world. There are many more family factors that affect students now. Worldly troubles are also big contributors to a child’s success in school.

Tuesday, January 22
Fun Games for Classrooms
Teaching and learning can be fun. However, teachers do not have to be creative to have engaging lesson plans. There are many resources available for teachers to use.

Tennessee’s Proposal to Change Kindergarten Cut Off Date
Tennessee is considering changing the cut off birth date for students entering kindergarten. The change would make the students one month older before they can enter kindergarten.

Wednesday, January 23
Why I Support Tennessee’s Kindergarten Cut Off Date Proposal
I support the change that Tennessee is proposing for kindergarten students. I have educational and personal reasons listed in this article.

More Fun Classroom Games
This article offers games for teachers to use in the classroom to help engage students in fun learning.

Classroom Game Fun
This article continues the ideas and games for learning. Teachers can easily incorporate the ideas into any grade or subject.

Thursday, January 24
Student Calls School Director
One upset student calls the director to find out why school was not closed due to snow. The director’s wife is the one who responds. The student recorded the message and played it online.