Education Week in Review: January 5- January 11

We are back into the swing of things at school. The holiday break has come to a close and it is now time to begin looking forward to Spring Break! If you are still trying to slow down after the holidays and missed a few education articles this week, you can always to check out below to see was has been the topic of conversation.

Saturday, January 5
Thoughts to Ponder When Returning to College
The idea for this article came about from a thread in the forums. A lady was trying to decide which path to take when returning to college. In the article, I suggest that adults think about their lifestyle and family when returning to school. Only take on what you feel you can handle without stressing yourself out to the max.

Monday, January 7
Car Rider Line
In this article I discuss how amazed I am that parents will stay lined up for hours to be the first to get their children in the afternoons. Some parents sit and read or do other work while waiting in the car rider line.

Tuesday, January 8
Election Time and School
Election time is a great time to introduce students to current events and our government. The election can be incorporated into almost every subject. This article offers ideas.

School Newspaper
This article discusses a kindergarten and first grade class that put together a school newspaper. While I have heard of students creating newspapers before, I have never heard of any this young.

Wednesday, January 9
Online Public School
Technology is changing our entire world. Colleges have been trying online classes for some time now. Texas is now experimenting with an online public school.

Friday, January 11
How Works
In a couple of my previous articles I talked about a website that helped teachers with funding projects. This article finishes that series and explains how the site works.