Education Week in Review: July 1 – July 6

News is hot in education this summer with Supreme Court rulings and more. Stay in touch with education blog in order to keep up with the latest happenings. Check out below for a recap of the week.

Monday, July 2
Education Timeline Through 1926
This was nearing the end of my education timeline series. This time period introduced Montessori schools, junior high schools, and junior colleges.

Education Timeline Through 2002
This article finished my educational timeline series. I ended with charter schools, educational updates, and the No Child Left Behind Act.

Tuesday, July 3
Questions Concerning Supreme Court Ruling Against Using Race for Admission
The recent Supreme Court ruling that schools may not use race for school admission has been a hot topic. This article addressed some questions on how the Supreme Court decided on the ruling and what will happen next.

More Questions Concerning Supreme Court Ruling Against Using Race for Admission
In this article, I continued to address questions about the recent Supreme Court ruling that denied schools to use race in determining admission.

How Early Should We Teach Computer Skills?
It has been a thought that computers are part of the future and we must educate our children on them as early as possible. However, not everyone feels that early introduction of computers is necessary or beneficial.

Wednesday, July 4
Thoughts to Ponder Before Teaching Your Child Computer Skills
If your child is not ready to learn to operate a computer, you may be wasting your time by trying. If you are considering teaching your child to use a computer, think about these questions first.

Thursday, July 5
Teaching Children Ergonomics
Ergonomics is now being taught in a few schools. The idea is to teach children how to properly sit at a computer. With the rise of computer use, more and more students are having health troubles related to improper posture and computer usage.

Tips for Teaching Ergonomics
If your school does not offer ergonomics classes for students, you can teach it yourself. Use these tips and ideas for teaching your own child.