Education Week in Review: July 13 – July 20

The count down is on and the stores are swarmed with back to school shoppers. Stay in touch with your child’s education and keep tuned in to education blogs at!

Sunday, July 15
Use of Public Schools by the Public
Some principals and public school officials are uncomfortable with the public use of the school buildings for non-school related functions. Public schools are public buildings, so how much access should the public have?

Monday, July 16

Birthdays and Cut-off Dates

My county’s kindergarten teachers seem to be very focused on birthdays. They frown upon parents who begin children that have birthdays close to the cut-off date. Should we look at the birthday or the child to determine if he or she is ready for school? I say the child.

Wednesday, July 18
High School to College
Some students have a very hard time transitioning from high school to college. Some students are very active and popular in high school. They feel lost when their name is not known at college. This article offers tips for adjustment.

Thursday, July 19
Know What Your Child’s New Teacher Expects
Meeting your child’s new teacher can be exciting. All teachers have different methods and routines. Try to learn the style of your child’s new teacher as soon as possible.

Friday, July 20
We Need Inner City Children to be Inner CIty Teachers
Many inner city school districts have a hard time keeping qualified teachers. I ran across an idea to encourage inner city children to come back and be inner city teachers. The plan sounded pretty good to me.

Oxford University Digs Dirt on Students
Oxford University has been searching the web to dig up dirt on students. Some students have even been fined for photos of misconduct that school officials found on Internet sites.