Education Week in Review: July 21- July 27

I have now spent many hours working on my new classroom. It is almost complete and ready for the first kindergarten student to come rolling through the door. Next week will begin my county’s first week of school for teachers. Throughout the summer hot education topics have been on the rise. Check out below for this week’s news.

Saturday, July 21
Entering Middle School
The transition between elementary and middle school can be emotional and difficult for parents and students. This is the age when children are uncertain how to handle their growing responsibility and feelings. This article gives ideas on how to prepare your child for the best.

We Went Shopping for Preschool!

My daughter will begin preschool this year! This is my first taste of education as a parent. We are so excited!

Sunday, July 22
How Teachers Report Behavior
Teachers have many different styles and methods of carrying out daily routines. Reporting behavior is no exception. This article addresses the way that I prefer to report behavior to parents.

Canada Fights Cyberbullying
The newest form of bullying is through the web. Students are attacking one another and teachers through online chant rooms and videos. Canada now has a discipline policy to address students who carry out these acts.

Using Transitions
Primary grade students complete many activities during the day. It can be difficult to direct the students from one activity to another. Therefore, teachers use transitions. This article discusses transitions and suggests a book to purchase.

Monday. July 23
Research Supports Abstinence Programs
Abstinence programs are on the rise. Research says they are working. This article discusses the results of various studies.

Sex Education is a Heated Topic for Romney and Obama
The presidential candidates have their own opinions about sex education. This article discusses each candidate’s point of view.

Teachers Purchase Fake Degrees
Three New York teachers were previously caught purchasing fake degrees from a college. The teachers used their degrees to enhance their careers.

Tuesday, July 24
How Teachers Can Help with The Transition to School
Teachers can make a big difference in a student’s opinion about school. This article gives teachers tips for how to help kindergarten students be happier students.

Classroom Design
Setting up a classroom can be difficult. One must consider his or her own teaching style and preferences to make a room more efficient and effective.

My Two Favorite Teaching Supply Companies
There are many different opportunities for teachers to purchase supplies. In this article, I give a review of my two favorite companies.

Wednesday, July 25
Kids Aren’t Buying into Healthy Eating
Studies say that despite efforts by the government and teachers, students are not eating healthier. Training students to make healthy choices must occur early.

Thursday, July 26
Text Message Warnings
One college has decided to implement a program that will text message students in the event of danger. Read my doubts and concerns in this article.

Team Teaching
Team teaching is on option that several teachers prefer. This article discusses team teaching and gives its different levels and varieties.

Friday, July 27
My Two Favorite Instructional Resource Companies
This article reviews my two favorite companies from which to purchase classroom decorations and instructional resources.