Education Week in Review: June 16 – June 22

Another week of summer break has ended. It is very hot and dry here in Middle Tennessee.

Education stories are keeping the news hot. My Google alerts have been full. I hope that you have been keeping up with the latest articles. Check below for the week in review.

Saturday, June 16
Concerns of Public Education: Y = Yelling
Managing discipline and controlling anger can be difficult tasks for teachers. Education programs need to focus on teaching alterative discipline techniques.

Thinking Students and the Classroom
Thinking students prefer organization and logical in the tasks that they complete. They act based on facts rather than instincts.

Teachers Take Pay for Grades
In two different locations it was found that school staff members were dishonest. At one middle school teachers were taking money to get students out of detention. At a community college, school workers were changing grades in exchange for money and favors.

Monday, June 18
Concerns of Public Education: Z = Zoning
Some districts enforce zoning and others do not. If zoning is enforced, parents may be concerned about the school that their children are required to attend. It is also possible that the zones be changed. If zoning is not enforced, schools must deal with students transferring from school to school.

Tuesday, June 19
Feeling Students and the Classroom
Feeling students act based on their personal feelings and the feelings of others. They like to have a personal bond with their instructor. They must make a personal connection with material to make it meaningful.

Judging Students and the Classroom
Judging students focus on the details in projects. They do not wait until the last minute to complete a task. They prefer to work on one task at a time until it is complete. These students do not work well under pressure.

Perceiving Students and the Classroom
Perceiving students often miss small details. They work well under pressure and put things off until the last minute. They may have many tasks going on at one time.

Wednesday, June 20
My Personality and the Classroom
In this article, I discussed my personality types in the classroom. I also shared some of my teaching style and characteristics.

Do Teachers Stereotype Students?
Teachers do stereotype students in the classroom. Some teachers learned this lesson through a workshop that they attended.

No Touching at School
One middle school has taken measures to create a no touching policy. Students may not touch one another under any circumstances.

Thursday, June 21
Supporting Minority Teachers
There is a shortage of minority teachers. Associations have been created to help and support minority students in the education field.

Learning Center Tips
I use learning centers in my classroom. This article offers tips in managing centers in a classroom.

Friday, June 22
Creating a Learning Center
Properly creating learning centers is very important. This article offers ideas and outlines centers that I have used in my room.

Are Children Getting the Teachers They Need?
One Texas study showed that the children that need experienced teachers the most are the least likely to get them. Should we offer teachers more pay to teach at low income and poverty schools?

Free Centers
In addition to learning centers, my class has free centers. This article discusses and offers ideas for free centers.