Education Week in Review: June 2 – June 8

The summer is passing by here at Yes believe it or not, school supplies, backpacks, and fall clothing are slowly making their way out into the stores.

This week, I discussed some summer education issues and talked about buying school supplies for next school year. Check out below for a flash back!

Saturday, June 2
Unique Summer Learning
Children should continue to learn and experience throughout the summer months. However, try adding a twist on the method of teaching. Children should experience creative and unique methods.

Thoughts on Summer Tutoring
Tutoring can be a great thing. However, the right summer trip, discussions, and experiences can be just as rewarding.

Sunday, June 3
Perks of Public Education: V = Vocational Courses
Many high schools now offer a variety of vocational courses. Vocational courses can help students determine which field of study they are interested in for future education. Vocational classes can also prepare students for the workforce.

Monday, June 4
Summer Learning Lost
Research does suggest that students lose over two months worth of information over the summer vacation. Much of this information is lost in math. Try putting a focus on math skills this summer.

Do Some Children Need School to be Safe?
Children receive many benefits from attending school. Some children receive much more than an education. They receive love, food, shelter, and clothing. I worry that these children may be neglected without the aid of a school.

Tuesday, June 5
Concerns of Public Education: V = valid Assessments
Creating a way to assess all students equally with valid results has been a concern of parents, teachers, and administrators for some time. There is much controversy over which methods should be used.

Are Fewer Students Getting Summer Jobs?
Studies suggest that fewer students are looking for summer work compared to years ago. More students are taking summer classes. More parents are supporting their children through the summer months. Summer jobs may not be a need for children like they once were.

Summer Firefly Fun!
The summer nights are filled with fireflies. So why not take advantage of them and create a learning experience for your child? This article offers websites to help you create a firefly lesson plan of your own.

Wednesday, June 6

The Summer Wait for Hopeful Prospective Teachers

The summer wait for a job can be very frustrating for a newly graduated teacher. In most cases, new teachers are not hired until the school year is near beginning.

Concerns of Public Education: W = Wow Factor
It is often the concern of teachers to compete with today’s entertaining society. Teachers must create fast paced lesson plans to keep students’ attention.

Middle School Students: Advice for Teachers
Teaching middle school can be rewarding as well as challenging. This article lists some tips for middle school teachers.

Thursday, June 7

Middle School Students: Advice for Parents

Having a child in middle school can be difficult. This article lists some advice and tips for those parents.

Friday, June 8
Buying School Supplies
Always check with the teachers and schools before purchasing school supplies. Some teachers and schools have alternative methods of collecting supplies.

Who Will Be Your Child’s Teacher Next Year?
Waiting to find out which room your child will be in next year can be nerve racking. Schools have different methods for carrying out the placement of students process.