Education Week in Review: June 23 – June 29

Independence Day is peeking right around the corner. Along with it comes, fireworks, celebrations, hot weather, and nearing the beginning of a new school year.

Summer keeps us busy with outdoor fun, vacations, and more. However do not forget to take a little time on these hot summer days to check out Check below for a flash back of any articles that you missed this week.

Saturday, June 23
Using Jazz in Our School Curriculum
One university has decided to offer a special program for teachers. The program will help teachers make use of putting jazz into their curriculums. Jazz can be used to help teach students about cultural and more.

Sunday, June 24
Sex Education Curriculums Need A Make Over
Many sex education programs advise students on using safe sex methods and contraceptives. Instead of focusing on these, the programs should be teaching children how to refrain from pre-martial sex. They also need to discuss emotional ties that accompany pre-martial sex.

Are Schools Designed for Boys or Girls?
For centuries we have heard how far behind girls are in math and science. Research now suggests that perhaps it is the boys who are behind. Girls do better in reading, writing, and listening.

Monday, June 25
Nonacademic Skills for Beginning School
Many parents teach their children the letters of the alphabet and the numbers. However there are some skills those parents may not think about teaching their child before kindergarten.

Los Amigos Bilingual Program
One successful school program teaches students half of the time in English and half of the time in Spanish. So far, the school has had great success and has a waiting list for students to attend.

More Books for Beginning School
In a previous article, I offered a list of books to read to your children about beginning school. This article is a continuation of even more books about kindergarten adventures.

Tuesday, June 26
The Movement to Inclusion
Many school districts are no longer pulling children out of the classroom for special education. Inclusion allows the child to remain in a general classroom setting and receive help from an addition teacher in the room.

Schools in Malls
In attempt to help high school dropouts, some Texas districts have placed schools inside of malls. The schools are only partial day and allow for students to work and attend school.

Why Not Let Teachers Design Schools?
A recent survey showed that teachers are very dissatisfied with their teaching environment. School buildings may be much more effective for learning if teachers were allowed to have input on the design.

Wednesday, June 27
Read This Before Sending Medicine to School
Many schools have a very strict medicine policy. Before sending any type of medication to school with your child, always check with the school first.

Free Summer Reading Offers
There are many summer reading encouragement programs out there. This article discussed two of them. Both Build A Bear Workshop and Barnes and Noble Bookstores offer summer reading incentives for children.

Thursday, June 28
Use of Race in School Admission
Two school districts in Kentucky, as well as several universities, use race as a determining factor of school placement. The districts place students at schools by race in order to keep a racial base among the student body. Some of the parents were not happy and filed a lawsuit against the schools.

Supreme Court Ruling: Use of Race in Admission
The Supreme Court ruled that race should not be a determining factor when placing students at schools. However, it did say that race could be used in limited circumstances.

Friday, June 29
Factors Influencing One’s Level of Education
How much education a person receives depends on many factors. America is a much more educated world than in the past. Read to find out what factors contribute to this.

Education Timeline Through 1647
Education has changed greatly over the years. This series of articles discussed some of education’s history.

Education Timeline Through 1821

This article picks up from the previous and continues to outline the changes that education has made over the years.