Education Week in Review: June 7- June 13

Education has made the news in several cases over the past week. While continuing the discussion about reading, I also threw in some tips about helping children make proper book selections. Issues were also discussed from Connecticut, Michigan, and the federal government.

Sunday, June 8
Reading in the Second and Third Grade Classrooms
This article continues the discussion of reading and how reading instruction should appear in the second and third grades.
More Reading in Second and Third Grade
More reading skills and instructional tips are provided here for the second and third grade classrooms.

Creating Story Maps
This article offers advice for teachers and parents on using story maps with children.

Monday, June 9
Reading Skills Students Should Know by the End of Second Grade
In this article, I list skills by topic that second grade students should be able to carry out in reading.
Second and Third Grade Reading Skills
The list of skills for second grade students is continued here and third grade skills are started.

Wednesday, June 11
Connecticut Schools Close for Heat
School news is discussed as Connecticut decides to close schools or carry out partial days due to the extreme hot weather.

Student Inventors Awards
Recently student inventors got the chance to compete and show off their inventions. Some of the inventions are described here.

Surprising Code of Ethics for Arkansas Teachers
A new code of ethics has been developed for Arkansas teachers. Surprisingly the code seems to discuss events that teachers should naturally consider inappropriate.

Thursday, June 12
The Number of Minority Students Increases
Reports show that the number of Latino and Hispanic students is on the rise. Schools must work to meet the academic gap seen in educating these students.

Federal Government is Concerned about Schools and Food Allergies
The government is getting involved and plans to create state mandates when it comes to students and food allergies.

Michigan Toughens-Up on High School Graduation Requirements
Michigan recently adopted new high school graduation requirements that have some concerned.

Friday, June 13
Fewer Children Read for Fun
Statistics show that fewer and fewer children are reading books for fun. The older children grow, the less likely they are to choose to read for recreation purposes.