Education Week in Review: June 9 – June 15

Education issues are booming in the news! My Google alerts have been full this week. I have tried to share as many stories of interest with you as possible.

I hope that all has had a wonderful week and keep up the great reading and commenting!

Saturday, June 9
Perks of Public Education: W = Worth It Moments
Teachers, like everyone else, have slumps in their career. However, the great thing about teaching is that there are also wonderful pick me ups. I call these pick me ups worth it moments. These are the moments that make all of the effort worth it.

Perks of Public Education: X = Xtracurricular Activities
School sponsored activities are great for involving students. They help create pride in the school and give the children an opportunity to meet new friends.

Sunday, Jun 10
Norris Hall Reopens At Virginia Tech
Norris Hall once again was opened at Virginia Tech after the recent school shootings. The building will no longer be used for classrooms. Many believe its presence will remind students of the people that lost their lives.

Too Many Cheers at Graduation
One high school took their policies too far when they refused to give out diplomas and allow students to attend the after graduation party. The students apparently received too many cheers at the graduation ceremony.

Harvard Graduation Ticket Prices Soar!
Earlier, Harvard graduation ceremony tickets could be found for sale on Craigslist for $100.00. The speakers at the ceremonies, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, have caused quite a stir among the graduates and fans of the men.

Monday, June 11
Concerns of Public Education: X = Xtended Families
Schools must now worry about being politically correct when using terms to describe the families of students. Many children now live in split homes or with family members other than their parents.

Crib Notes for Middle School Students
One middle school has decided to offer a course teaching safe and healthy ways to care for infants. The class was brought on in attempt to lower the infant death rate in the city. I have some concerns about teaching courses such as this. Read more to find out what they are.

Substitute Teachers
Substitute teachers are in general wonderful people. However like in all jobs, there are some out there that just do not belong. Schools need a system to ban bad substitutes.

Tuesday, June 12
Books for Beginning School
Books are wonderful tools for helping children deal with their emotions. There are many books out there that can help ease the fears of beginning kindergarten. This article lists a few of them.

Wednesday, June 13
Higher Pay for Subject Taught?
Some suggest that the answer to gaining more qualified math and science teachers is to pay them more. While this sounds like a great solution, it has concerns. How will the other teachers be treated? Will more pay draw the interest of unqualified persons to enter math and science fields of study?

Connecting Personality and Learning
There is a connection between a learner’s personality and the amount of information that is processed. Some students and teachers just simply do not connect. Knowing your child’s personality and learning habits can help you and the teachers to better his or her education.

Extroverts and the Classroom
Some children are more outgoing. This group of children is active in learning and needs freedom to express their thoughts. These children are often thought to be behavior problems. However, with the right direction they can be wonderful students.

Introverts and the Classroom
Introverts are typically quiet learners. They can be easy to overlook and often are not given credit for the information that they know because it is not openly shared.

Friday, June 15
Sensing Students and the Classroom
Sensing students like hands-on activities to use their senses. They like to create outlines and have concrete information.

Perks of Public Education: Y = Young Minds
Teaching children is a wonderful experience. They come to you free of the world’s harsh ways. They are innocent and pure.

Intuitive Students and the Classroom
These students like to analyze and understand how and why things work. They are interested in theory and usually work without preplanning.