Education Week in Review: March 10-16

Many issues have been addressed this week in education. With Spring Breaks and vacations arising, some of you may not be spending as much at your computer. Here is a flashback of the week just in case you happened to miss some of the articles.

Saturday, March 10
My Child Misbehaves at School but Not at Home

Children often seem to have two personalities. Many parents are amazed at how their child acts differently when he/she is at school verses at home. Some children act better when away from parents and other children act worse. If you are hearing reports from your child’s teacher that he/she is a problem at school but you never seem any trouble at home, there may be a reason. Read more to find out what the cause could be!

Technology in the Classroom
We live in a technology world. There is now a greater push than ever to teach with technology. However, many teachers did not grow up in the electronic world that we live in today. Without money and training, technology may not be effective in the classrooms.

Sunday, March 11
Society and Math
Math has always seemed to have a bad reputation where society is concerned. Math is thought to be hard and boring. This attitude is reflecting off onto our students. Math is an essential part of life and teachers need to work to give it a better name.

Monday, March 12
School Fundraisers
There is a need for fundraisers. Schools need money to function. However at a primary level, students cannot be responsible for fundraising. Therefore whom should we be rewarding for raising money- the children or the parents?

Personalities in the Classroom
Anytime that you have a group of people together, there are bound to be a variety of personalities. The classroom is not exception. Teachers must work to keep a balance of control among all students and not let strong personalities control activities.

Tuesday, March 13
Class Size
Class size makes a huge difference when teaching children. When a class reaches its maximum number, teachers can give the attention and help that students deserve. Behavior is a bigger issue and instruction time is lost. We need to work to get our class size lowered.

Why Read to Your Child?
Reading is very important for everyone. A child is never too young to be read to by a parent or caregiver. Reading to a child can expand language and listening skills and be a very enjoyable time to spend together.

Wednesday, March 14
Why Read to Your Baby?Babies may not comprehend what is read but they do learn form being read to by a parent. Babies enjoy the private time together and being to develop language and word association skills.

How to Read to Your BabyMany people feel uncomfortable reading to a small infant. This article offers some tips on how to enjoy reading to your baby.

Thursday, March 15
Reading With Your ToddlerToddlers are very active and curious. They enjoy looking at pictures and discovering new things. Reading to a toddler can help him learn new language and begin to say new words.

Reading With Your Young Preschooler
Young preschool children have a desire to Learn. Reading books to your child is the perfect way to relay new information and answer your child’s questions about life. Books can also teach many fundamentals skills.

16 Mar 2007 02:45 PM
Books for Baby
Many parents are unsure which books are best to read to their baby. In this article, I have compiled a list of books and a brief overview to help you make some choices

Reading With Your Older Preschooler
Four and five year old children are in a critical learning time. They are about to begin school and need to develop basic skills. Books are a wonderful way to help prepare your child for his/her academic career.