Education Week in Review: March 22 – March 28

If you are interested in education discussion check both the articles and the forum this week. There have been several different topics discussed in both places. I am excited to see so many opinions and so much participation taking place!

Tuesday, March 25
Why We Need More than Phonemic Readers
Children need to learn to sound out words. However not all words can be sounded out by the phonics rules. Therefore children must learn to discover new words by other means also. One great way is by exposure to as many words as possible.

Wednesday, March 26
Some Board Games Strengthen Math Skills
One recent study found that indeed board games can strengthen math skills. In this study preschool children were evaluated. Not all board games have educational value. However some do.

Thursday, March 27
Who Should be Responsible for Tardies and Absences?
This article gained much discussion in the forums. With elementary school children, the parents are responsible for getting them to school on time. However many high school children drive and are responsible for their transportation to school. So who should be blamed for children who are chronically late?

Friday, March 28
Take 10 Fitness Program
There has been great interest among the government and schools in making sure that children are eating healthy and exercising. Teachers are being pushed to get children up and activity during class. The Take 10 Program offers teachers short ideas on how to incorporate exercise into their lesson.