Education Week in Review: March 3 – March 9

Education is a hot topic among our society. Most people have developed some form of opinion about at least one educational issue. I want to thank the ones of you reading my articles and sharing your opinions with me. I hope that you enjoyed this week’s articles.

Saturday, March 3
B.E.A.R. Books
The primary classes in my school use organizational books to communicate with parents. The books are a great way for teachers and parents to stay in touch. I outline the set-up of the books and describe the benefits of having an organizational tool.

Monday, March 5
Parents, students, and educators often have different views when it comes to homework. In this article I discussed some of the reasons that teachers give homework and what you can do to help your child.

Tuesday, March 6
Homework Trouble
Homework can sometimes turn a home upside down. If you are struggling with your child to complete homework, this article is for you. I offer tips to make homework easier.

Wednesday, March 7
Start Saving for College Now
The cost of college continues to rise. Parents need to begin saving as soon as possible. In this article I provide saving tips.

Thursday, March 8
Teachers Dealing with Stress
Teaching can be a very stressful job. Teachers must learn to deal with and overcome the stress that they encounter. In this article, I offer advice to teachers on how to have a happier and more stress free career.

Friday, March 9
My Child Misbehaves at School but Not at Home
Children often act very different depending on their location and company. Many parents are shocked to discover how their child acts at school. Some children act better for teachers and some children act worse. If you child is getting into trouble at school but not at home, there may be a reason. Read more to find out.