Education Week in Review: March 30 – April 4

This week’s topics in Education at took on a wide range in interests. The topic of send home projects was evaluated along with tips for teachers, thoughts on high schools, and the effects of a teacher strike. Check out for more information below if you missed out on an article this week.

Sunday, March 30
Pros and Cons of Send Home Projects
This article took a look into both sides of teachers sending home projects for students to complete. The article looks into the projects from both the teacher and the parent perspective. As with most topics, there are pros and cons to sending projects home for students and parents to complete.

Monday, March 31
Observe Other Teachers
In this article I discuss how student teaching and education classes usually allow for the observation of teachers in the classroom. However this observation can be even more helpful after new teachers have their own classrooms. Each new teacher should be allowed time to go visit others classroom where teachers are teaching at the same grade level.

Tuesday, April 1
Are High Schools Challenging Enough?
This article takes a look into the design of our traditional high schools. It questions if the high schools are truly preparing students for college and for life. One author suggest a different high school set up in order to challenge and prepare students even more.

Wednesday, April 2
Teacher Strike
Just like with other professions and jobs, teachers may belong to a teacher union. On occasion these unions plan teacher strikes in protest to unmet terms. When teachers strike, many other professions and people are also greatly affected. This article examines how others are affected by teacher strikes.