Education Week in Review: March 8- March 14

Many school systems have now either had their spring break or are very near it. My school had spring break this week. We will be back at the books beginning on Monday.

This week’s topics included some on the two future holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Check out below for more on each article.

Wednesday, March 12
St. Patrick’s Day Activity
This article details an activity that teachers or parents can use with their children on St. Patrick’s Day. The activity involves cereal.

Television Test Prep
One school has decided to try to improve test scores by giving students one prerecorded televised lesson each week. The teachers and students seem to enjoy it.

School Battles Art Cutbacks with “Big Draw”
This article features a school that held a three hour art class to show its support for art education.

Thursday, March 13
David Lista Films Girl’s Restroom
David Lista, a teacher, was found to be filming the school’s girls’ restroom. He has been placed on leave until further investigation.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun
This article details an activity that children will enjoy. It features a leprechaun surprise for St. Patrick’s Day.

Easter at School
This article discusses how some schools observe Easter through egg hunt and some do not. Read more to find out why.

Friday, March 14
What Can You Tell from How a Child Colors?
In this article I discuss the things that one can tell simply from observing a child coloring a picture. Much can be learned about the child’s skills and personality.

More about Coloring
This article continues the discussion about what one can tell from how a child colors a picture. The coloring style may be an indication to how the child will perform academically.