Education Week in Review: May 10 – May 16

Each day brings us a little closer to summer vacation. Summer activities are being planned and the children are more than ready to get out of school. Although the academic year is coming to a close, education should not be forgotten all summer. Check out below for information and ideas about educating your child.

Monday, May 12
Questions about Reading Fluency
Many teachers and parents feel that their child and students knowing how to read is satisfactory. However it is not only knowing how to read but it is also important how efficiently they read.

Tuesday, May 13
Does Education Slack at the End of the Year?
Most teachers and schools plan fun activities and events at the send of the school year. In most cases little academic focus is placed during the last week. After all of the hard work, the students and teacher both deserve a break.

Wednesday, May 14
End of Year Gift Giving
Most teachers give some type of keepsake gift to their students at the end of the year. Likewise many parents also give the teacher a gift at the end of the year to show appreciation for educating their child.

Schools Deal with Rising Gas Prices
Some schools are cutting back on how often and for what purposes they run their school buses. In this article I give you some insight on how my district is cutting back.

Thursday, May 15
Teaching Today’s Children Differently
After reading a quote I began thinking about how times change. It is very important for teachers to keep updated with new material and the new needs of the students.

Friday, May 16
Vocabulary is much more than copying words from the back of a book. This article more closely examines vocabulary and how it affects a child’s reading ability.