Education Week in Review: May 12 – May 18

Summer is growing nearer and I have two weeks left of school. I have many projects to complete in the next couple of months. I will continue educational blogs and offer advice for getting your child academically ready for next school year!

Saturday May 12
Leaders, Followers, & Peer Pressure
Some children are natural born leaders and some are not. Some children will follow others anywhere and everywhere that they go. This article discusses characteristics of both personalities.

Summer Activity Bags
While browsing through an education magazine, I found a great idea for summer bags to give to students. In this article, I adapt the idea and share it with you!

Sunday, May 13
Helping Your Child Stay Strong in Values
In a previous article, I discussed leaders and followers. In this article, I give advice on how to help your follower follow the right people.

A to Z Educational and Fun Summer Activities: A-H
This article is the beginning of my series on fun and educational summer activities. I discussed letters A through H. Activities such as ants, butterflies, cooking, and exploring are suggested.

Perks of Public Education: J = Job Security
In my view, teachers will always be in demand. I do not fear getting to work and being laid-off or changed to a different shift. Job security is another perk of public education.

Monday, May 14
A to Z Educational and Fun Summer Activities: I-N
In continuation with my educational and fun summer activities, I address letters I through N. In this article, I discuss activities such as earning money, getting outdoors for exercise, and keeping a journal.

Perks of Public Education: K = Kids
Kids are what teaching is all about. To be a teacher you must love and respect children. Without a love for kids, the job of teaching would be very miserable.

Concerns of Public Education: J = Job Placement
Although most teachers in general do not fear losing their job from year to year, they may fear what grade level and school to which they will be assigned. Teachers can be moved from grade to grade or even from school to school.

Tuesday, May 15
A to Z Educational and Fun Summer Activities: O-T
This article discusses fun and educational summer activities for the letters O through T. Pretend play and quiet time are among some activities discussed.

Concerns of Public Education: K = Keeping Records
I have never been a pro at staying organized. However, being a teacher often requires a lot of organization. We must keep a record for everything! Therefore, keeping records is a concern of mine.

Think You are Too Old to Return to College- Read This!!
The oldest lady in the world graduated from college this year at the age of 95. Read more for all of the details!

Wednesday, May 16
Perks of Public Education: L = Love
Many teachers get a great reception each day when they arrive at work. The children are excited to see you and make you feel needed. It is a wonderful feeling to have a job like this!

Thoughts on the Recent Faked Gun Attack
The recent faked gun attack on a group of students was terrible. The teachers involved were suspended. There were many comments and opinions on this topic. Read them here!

A to Z Educational and Fun Summer Activities: U to Z
This is the last of the educational and fun summer activities series. The article discusses vines, examining, and going to the zoo.

Thursday, May 17
Perks of Public Education: M = Music
Music is a wonderful part of education. A good music program and a great music teacher are strong components to a school. If a music program is not available, teachers can add music to their curriculum.

Concerns of Public Education: L = Lice
Lice have always been a concern to me. How they are treated is the real concern. Some parents do not treat their children and the problem is enhanced.

End of the Year Ideas for Teachers
Many teachers like to give their students a memory book for the end of the year. This article offers ideas for teachers.

Friday, May 18
My Day- I have a Substitute!
I took off from school today to travel to a school in Nashville. I went to surprise my nieces and spend field day with them.

Concerns of Public Education: N = New Teachers
The preparation of new teachers should be a concern to the school systems and education programs. In addition to preparing new teachers, we also need to provide support for them once they have a classroom of their own.