Education Week in Review: May 17 – May 23

The main focus in education this week and last week has been reading. Reading is very important in the lives of everyone. However, it is also an area that some parents and teachers struggle with teaching. Many of the articles listed below examine different areas of reading and teaching reading. In addition to reading education, I also discussed a new program that was designed to help add student teachers in how to handle real life classroom situations.

Tuesday, May 20
Reading Comprehension Instruction
Many feel that comprehension is a skill that children have naturally or do not have. However, there are things that teachers can do to increase reading comprehension in children. Some of those strategies are discussed in this article.

Wednesday, May 21
Teaching Vocabulary
At one point in time teaching vocabulary was simply copying words and definitions from the back of a textbook. However this article shows that there is much more to teaching vocabulary than copying words. The importance of vocabulary and how to teach it is discussed in this article.

Thursday, May 22
Virtual Teacher Education Program
One university has designed a program that will allow student teachers to get hands-on classroom experience without involving real students. The virtual students act out real life classroom situations. The virtual students can be used to help train teachers in how to handle real classroom situations.

Friday, May 23
More Vocabulary Instruction
In this article I continue the discussion about teaching vocabulary. There are several different techniques and strategies that teachers can use to strengthen the vocabulary skills of the students.