Education Week in Review: May 19-25

School is out!! The last two weeks have been wild and the last few days have been chaos! I am glad for the break and ready to get back to blogging at Summer should allow for many more discussions.

Sunday, May 20
Update on My Weekend
I recently attended field day with my nieces at a school in Nashville. The day was very enjoyable. It was nice to see things from a school visitor’s perspective and spend time with my family.

Monday, May 21
Perks of Public Education: N = Nurses
Nurses have not always been a part of the school systems. However, I am very glad that now they are. School nurses are beneficial for the students, parents, and teachers alike.

Concerns of Public Education: M = Management
Poor management can cause chaos in a class. Education programs need to focus on teaching effective management skills.

Tuesday, May 22
Concerns of Public Education: O = Outdated Materials
One concern in many districts is outdated materials. Technology is the main outdated instructional material. Budgets and low funding are the major causes of teachers receiving or being left with outdated instructional materials.

Perks of Public Education: O= Outside Playtime
I addressed this topic from both the perks and the concerns side. If your school has it, it is a perk. If your school does not have outside playtime, then it is a concern. Students need free outside time to play and develop critical skills.

Wednesday, May 23
Perks of Public Education: P = Parents
Parents can be wonderful additions to the public education system. Parents can support teachers with academics as well as discipline. Parents can be wonderful help to volunteer and send needed supplies.

Concerns of Public Education: P = Parents
While many parents are wonderful to have in the public education system, some are not. Some parents do not support teachers or the school. They do not create a positive relationship with the school or their child’s education. Therefore the attitude usually reflects on the student.