Education Week in Review: May 24 – May 30

This week’s focus has continued in reading but also taken several other turns. I discuss the possibility of schools beginning four-day weeks and take a peek into why dads are not as involved in their child’s education as moms. Check out below if you missed an article or two!

Saturday, May 24
Would Four Day Weeks Work?
Some school systems have considered creating four day weeks for students instead of five. In this article I take a look into the question of would these weeks be beneficial.

Sunday, May 25
Concerns about Four Day Weeks
In continuation of the last article addressing four day weeks, this article examines the negative issues that may arise from four day school weeks.

Why are Dads not as Involved as Moms?
In most cases, dads participate far less than moms do when it comes to their child’s education. This article gives some ideas on why.

Tuesday, May 27
Reading and the Kindergarten Classroom
Here I give the readers a glimpse into what reading instruction should look like in a kindergarten classroom. Specific student and teacher reactions are discussed.

What Reading Skills Should Your Kindergarten Child Learn?
This article begins to list specific reading skills and tasks that your child should be able to complete by the end of his or her kindergarten year.

Friday, May 30
School Board Cuts out Lunch Choices
One school board has decided to save money by limiting the number of choices that its elementary school children will receive. The students will be given only one lunch choice.

More Kindergarten Reading Skills
This article continues the list of skills and tasks from the previous article dealing with kindergarten reading skills. The skills are not to used as requirements but rather as guidelines for learning.