Education Week in Review: May 3 – May 9

Reading has carried a big focus in this week’s articles. I have tried to address some issues that reading instruction can bring with it. I hope that these articles have been helpful to parents and teachers alike.

Monday May 5
Early Reading Terms and Definitions
Many parents are not up to date with the current terminology that teachers and researchers use in education today. This article is an attempt to clarify some of those words.

More Early Reading Terms and Definitions
This article continues the discussion of reading terms and definitions that some parents may struggle with.

Tuesday, May 6
Phonemic Awareness Instruction
This article gives insight into exactly what phonemic awareness is and how its instruction should be carried out in the classroom and even at home.

More about Phonemic Awareness Instruction
This article continues the last with more ideas and activities for increasing the phonemic awareness of a child.

Wednesday, May 7
Phonics Instruction
In this article I examine the various types of phonics instruction that teachers carry out in their classroom.

School Overcrowding
The lack of space in schools can be a huge problem. Some schools have tried to zone students in an attempt to solve this problem. However zoning is not always the answer.

The Importance of Reading Fluency
Once a child learns to read, the work has not stopped. Children must also then be educated on how to read fluently.

Thursday, May 8
Teaching Reading Fluency
This article offers ideas and advice on how to teach children to read fluently. Both parents and teachers can benefit from these activities.

More about Teaching Reading Fluency
This article continues the ideas and activities on how to teach a child to read fluently.