Education Week in Review: May 5- May 11

Summer is growing near and schools are busier now than ever. Graduations, end of the year celebrations, and final exams are being prepared. This has also been a busy week at! I introduced you to my day at my school’s arts festival and continued my series of perks and concerns of public education. I discussed Teacher Appreciation Day and Heather blessed us with a letter to her daughter’s teacher. Read below for more details.

Saturday, May 5

Attending the Arts Festival
Friday, May 4, my school hosted its annual arts festival. The festival was a great hit and I had wonderful parent participation.

Sunday, May 6

Concerns of Gifted Education: G = Gifted Students
In continuation with my A to Z concerns, I addressed gifted students for the letter G. I am concerned that schools and gifted programs are not meeting the needs of gifted students.

Perks of Public Education: G = Growth
My job allows me to see many areas of growth. As a kindergarten teacher, I see a lot of physical growth in my students. I also see the students grow in maturity and self-confidence. Through the years, I watch as my students advance to higher grades. I then see academic growth.

Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week was last week. In this article, I discussed various ideas for saluting your child’s teacher.

Monday, May 7
Concerns of Public Education: H = Home Lives
My students come from all different types of home living situations. There are so many children living in less than perfect homes. While all homes have troubles and disagreements, no child should have to live without loving and caring family members.

Kindergarten Graduation
Although some schools in my area host kindergarten graduations, my school does not. We have an end of the year family picnic. Read more for my concerns about kindergarten graduations.

Wednesday, May 8
Teacher Appreciation Week: Hats off to Ms. Diaz
Tuesday, May 8 was National Teacher Appreciation Day. Heather saluted her daughter’s teacher with a loving and appreciative note to Ms. Diaz. Thanks, Heather!

Perks of Public Education: H = Hours
Teaching has many career and personal perks. One personal perk of being a teacher is the hours. Teaching is great for moms. I am at home with my children during holidays and summer vacation.

Concerns of Public Education: I = Intrinsic Motivation
Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from within. This motivation is often hard to achieve with students. Many children are more concerned with receiving rewards than self-satisfaction.

Thursday, May 10
Perks of Public Education: I = Interesting
The days of teaching are never boring. My job is not predictable or repetitious. Teaching is a very interesting career!