Education Week in Review: November 17 – November 23

This week has been a short week at school and a short week for writing articles. The Thanksgiving holidays have slowed things down for some of us writers. More time has been spent cooking and with our families. However, next week things will be back to normal and the writing will continue! Check out below for stories and topics from this week.

Sunday, November 18
The Importance of Playing with Your Child
Our lives are busy and tiresome. However, it is still important to make time for playing with your child. This article discusses how children learn through play.

Monday, November 19
Intrapersonal Students
In a previous article, I discussed interpersonal students. This article looks at students who are more in touch with themselves than with others.

Tuesday, November 20
Thanksgiving in Kindergarten
This was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. I discussed the activities that my class would carry out.

Thursday, November 22
I Am Thankful to be a Teacher
Teachers can sometimes get down on their job and get a bad reputation from the media. In this article, I discuss why I am thankful to be a teacher.

Friday, November 23
What Happened to Fat Pencils and Crayons?
Using fat pencils and crayons was once thought to be best for children who were beginning to write. That is not necessarily true now. This article discusses why these items are not used in classrooms now.