Education Week in Review: November 24 – November 30

Wow how time has flown! This school year is almost half over! It seems just like yesterday that my students were coming into the school for the first time.

The Thanksgiving holidays are over and now schools are preparing for Christmas. Some of my article this week address how children celebrate Christmas at school. Check below for other topics.

Saturday, November 24
Characteristics of Auditory Learners
Some children learn best by listening to others. This article describes how an auditory learner learns best.

Sunday, November 25
Santa Shop at School
In this article I discuss the Santa Shop that my school held during the week.

Teaching Auditory Learners
There are simple things that teachers can add to their lessons to help auditory learners succeed. This article lists some of those ideas.

Monday, November 26
Celebrating Christmas at School
Schools all celebrate Christmas in different ways. It is impossible for schools to meet the needs of all of the families in the school. This article talks about some ways that schools celebrate Christmas.

How to Interact with Your Child
Some parents find it difficult to know how and when to interact and play with their child. This article offers advice on how to talk to and play with your child.

Tuesday, November 27
School Christmas Gift Exchange
There are many different options for exchanging gifts at school. In this article I discuss some of the options that I have tried.

Games to Stimulate Your Child’s Mind
Children learn a lot through play. In this article, I describe some games that you can play with your child to help stimulate learning.

Wednesday, November 28
Characteristics of Visual Learners
Some children learn best through watching and observing others. In this article I name some of the characteristics of visual learners in the classroom.

Options for School Christmas Gift Exchange
This article continues the discussion of exchanging gifts at school. More options are discussed.

Teaching Visual Learners
In this article I offer tips for teaching on planning for visual learners. There are simple acts that teachers can do to help stimulate the learning of visual learners.

Friday, November 30
More Games for Your Child
This article offers more educational games that your child will enjoy. This games help strengthen thinking skills.