Education Week in Review: November 3 – November 9

This time of the year, schools are full of holiday activities and breaks. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then the children begin gearing up for Christmas. Keep reading for school holiday fun.

Saturday, November 3
Do You Support Zero Tolerance?
This is a tough one. No one likes the idea of drugs or violence in our schools. However, no one likes to see innocent children receive the extreme punishment.

Sunday, November 4
Is Your Child Involved in Too Many Activities?
Some children are playing three sports, taking lessons, and trying to do homework. They simply are exhausted. If this sounds like your child, ask yourself if is worth it to be involved in so many activities.

Tips for Busy Children
This article offers tips for parents who have very busy children. At some point in time parents must limit and help a children set priorities.

Tips for Teachers: Glue
In this Tips for Teachers article, I offer my opinion about the best choice to make when concerning primary grade children and glue.

Monday, November 5
Help Students Prepare for Their Future
Our futures are very important. The sooner a child begins to make decisions the better it will be. Now children are asked to make decisions about their future when they enter high school.

Helping Your Child Overcome Test Anxiety
Many children suffer from nervousness or anxiety about taking test. This article offers tips to help your children become better test takers.
More Tips for Reducing Test Anxiety
This article offers even more tips on how to help your child reduce test anxiety.

Tuesday, November 6
Encouraging Your Child to Read
Reading is very important in our lives. Raising a reader is equally important. This article offers advice on how to help your child love reading.

More Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read
In this article, the tips for raising a reader continue.

Wednesday, November 7
The Reading Tips Continue
Reading is so important that I felt the tips deserved three articles. The tips keep coming here.

Thursday, November 8
Why Do Middle Students Lose Interest in Reading?
This article addresses the interest lost in reading from primary grades to middle school.

Friday, November 9
Tips for Teachers: Managing Student Supplies
In this Tips for Teachers article, I offered ideas for managing and disturbing student supplies.

Our Traveling Art Teacher
Our school shares an art teacher with another school. In addition to working at two different schools, our art teacher also does not have a classroom.