Education Week in Review: October 13- October 19

Teaching is a wonderful experience. However, there are a lot of issues and topics to learn about and ponder upon. I hope that this week I have brought you information to reflect the art of teaching and of being a parent. Check below for this week’s topics.

Saturday, October 12
Dealing with the Friendship Stress of Middle School
Middle school can be harsh. Being a young teen or as some say a tween can also be difficult. It is sometimes hard for parents to know exactly how to handle the emotions of middle school children. This article offers help.

Monday, October 15
Fall Nature Teaching Opportunities
The fall is filled with a lot of neat and interesting views. Just looking upon the ground can lead to tons of learning experiences. This article helps parents discover how to help their child learn through nature.

Tuesday, October 16
Teaching the Children of Close Friends or Family Members
Teaching any child can be challenging. However, things are complicated when the child belongs to a close friend or relative. While in some cases there are no troubles, teaching the child of a close friend or family member may not be a good idea.

Librarians’ Day
Today is national Librarians’ Day. School librarians can be very special people. Honor your librarian on this day!

Wednesday, October 17
Tips on How to Talk with Your College Professor
College can be tough. College professors can be even tougher. This article offers advice on how to confront your college professor.

Thursday, October 18
Middle School Gives out Free Birth Control
King Middle School officials voted to begin allowing the clinic to hand out birth control pills and patches to students. Some parents are not comfortable with this decision.

Friday, October 19
Teaching Your Own Child in Your Classroom
Teaching the children of others can be difficult. In this article I discuss why teaching your own child can even be harder.