Education Week in Review: October 20- October 26

This has been a great week in education at Education is making the news more and more each day. This weeks topics include school sickness as well as performance pay for teacher.

Sunday, October 21
More on King Middle’s Decision to Give out Birth Control
King middle school decided to allow the city ran clinic located on the campus to hand out birth control to students. Some parents are against the school’s involvement. However, it seems that many are glad.

Monday, October 22
Bloomberg’s Performance Pay for Teachers Plan
Bloomberg has developed a plan that rewards schools as a whole versus individual teachers. The plan will begin with the lowest income schools first. The schools will receive money for good performance.

Tuesday, October 23
New Country School: An Experimental High School
New Country High School has changed the way that students attend high school. The students are all in one room and sit at office desks. The students work at their own pace with the help of an advisor.

More About New Country School
The students at New Country School like the school because it allows them to work at their own pace. It also helps take away the pressure and teasing that some students receive from peers.

Wednesday, October 24
Students Diagnosed with Dangerous Staph Infection
Schools all across the nation are being faced with the possibility of catching a dangerous drug resistant staph infection. Some schools are sanitizing their building with bleach.

One Student Dies, Another Student is Charged
One student is dead and another is charged after two students are injected with heroine. One student injected another student with heroine and then proceeded to draw on his passed out friend’s face. Later it was discovered that the friend was dead.

Thursday, October 25
Why Teach Respect?
Respect is very important. Teachers are now teaching respect through example and through character education programs. Teaching respect was once the responsibility of parents. However, now teachers are being left with the role.