Education Week in Review: October 27- November 2

Educational topics keep the news hot. There is always an argument or controversial issue when it comes to schools, students, teachers, and parents. Check out below for this week’s articles.

Monday, October 29
Moment of Silence is Challenged
One freshman girl and her father decided to sue the school system after a law passed stating that schools must observe a moment of silence.

Do High School Students Need a Later Start?
New research shows that teenage children are not alert enough during the morning hours to gain important information from class. Teenagers need more sleep. Some high schools are beginning to accommodate the sleep needs of students.

Wednesday, October 31
When a Threat is Made…
If life threatening or harming threat is made at a school, I feel that all faculty and staff should be made aware of the situation. This way, the adults can be on the look out for suspicious activity.

Thursday, November 1
Seven Habits to Raising or Teaching Successful Teens
Raising and teaching teens is a difficult job. Being a teen is even harder. This article discusses some key elements that teens need to help them have a successful life.

Pre-Kindergarten Children on the Bus
When it comes to public transportation such as school bus, seat belt and booster seat laws do not apply. Pre-kindergarten children are allowed to ride the school bus without the proper restraints.

Teaching and Raising Successful Teens Continued
This article continues the discussion of things that teachers and parents can teach teens to help them have a successful life.

Friday, November 2
Students Walk Out Due to Roaches and Rats
One group of students got tired of roaches and rats at their school and decided to plan a walk-out. They decided to come back to school after the principal planned a talk with the students.