Education Week in Review: September 1- September 6

September has started off with a boom! Education here at has gained a wonderful addition- Substitute Teacher’s Corner. Heather will be joining me in writing about educational topics. She will be adding hints and tips for all of the substitute teachers.

Saturday, September 1
Good Behavior or Academics- Which is More Important?
Each year a class takes on a particular personality or characteristic. Some classes perform better academically while others are higher in behavior. This article addresses the pros and cons of having a high academic class or a well-behaved class.

New Survey Addresses Cyber-Bullying
In a previous article, I defined and discussed cyber-bullying. This article discusses a new survey that suggests some teachers may leave the profession due to harassment form cyber-bullying.

Sunday, September 2
Should Teachers Have a Dress Code?
Many public schools now have some type of dress code. Some codes are strict and require uniforms while others are more relaxed and ask students to wear belts and dress pants or skirts. However, some parents are disturbed because teachers are not following these codes also.

When Should You be Informed?
Parents are usually informed when their children cause trouble. However, parents are not as likely informed when their child is a victim of verbal abuse by another child. This article addresses when parents should be notified.

Monday, September 3
Substitute Teacher’s Corner: What’s This All About?
Yea! Heather added her Substitute Teacher’s Corner! She introduces her new addition here.

Tuesday, September 4
Substitute Teacher’s Corner: You Get the Call
In this article, Heather addresses what to do when you receive the call to substitute. A substitute teacher may be called on at the very last minute. Heather addresses how to handle these calls.

Should Evaluations be Announced?
In many cases, teachers schedule when their evaluations will take place. While this is a great advantage for the teacher, I feel that a surprise evaluation may be due to some. Teachers should be solely evaluated on a few days that they spent planning and preparing to make special.

Teachers and Maternity Leaves
When a teacher takes a maternity leave many people are affected. Some students struggle when they have a replacement teacher. In this article, I discuss when I feel it is the best time to take a leave from school.

Thursday, September 6
Substitute Teacher’s Corner: What To Bring With You
In this article, Heather addresses what things a substitute teacher should take with him/her. Being prepared can help make the day go smoothly.

“But my child has never had trouble before…”
Teachers often hear this statement from parents. This article addresses various situations to consider when a parent seems shocked that their child is having trouble.