Education Week in Review: September 22- September 28

Fall is in the air! Schools are gearing up for football and fall break. While the end of the first nine weeks is near at my school, many hot education topics are blooming. Check out below for this week’s news.

Sunday, September 23
What Can Teachers Do About Other Lacking Teachers?
Sometimes it can be very difficult to work with a person that does not carry his/her weight. This can be even harder in a profession that most people are passionate about like teaching. There are some things that you can do if you feel that your fellow teacher is not working up to par. Read more to find out!

Tuesday, September 25
Virginia Tech Receives Grant
After the shootings, Virginia Tech put in a request with the United States Department of Education to receive a grant. Recently the school received the grant. The school will be able to keep a closer check on its students and staff with monies from the grant.

Instructional Assistants
Instructional assistants are on the rise. At one point in time the assistants were used to help with paperwork. However, now assistants help with the instruction and teaching. Read more to discover how an assistant can be used in the classroom.

Should Halloween Be Observed At School?
Many schools no longer observe or acknowledge Halloween. Instead these schools use the term fall party or fall activities. In this article, I put the question out to the readers on what their local schools do for Halloween.

Wednesday, September 26
Scheduling of Parent Teacher Conferences
In my county parent teacher conferences have been held in all different forms and times. Most recently our parent teacher conferences have been scheduled during the afternoon hours and late into the evening. Students do not attend school on that day.

See You at the Pole DayThe fourth Wednesday in September is See You at the Pole Day. In this article I discuss how the day began and what it means.

Friday, September 28
What Are Boarding Schools?
This article defines and gives characteristics of boarding schools.