Egg-tastic Easter Decor


The Easter Bunny will be hopping into town in just a couple of weeks. For busy parents that time will fade fast.

If you pledged last year to make this year’s Easter celebration better than ever, then now is the time to start. I always say that I am going to try new egg decorating techniques after viewing the spectacular specimens I see at other people’s homes on Easter Sunday, but then time flies and I end up dying eggs the old fashion way just so the kiddos don’t miss out on some type of colored yolk-filled oval.

Now, with two weeks until the big day, I am prepared to make good on my pledge to experiment with the following unique egg decorating methods:

BLOWN EGGS: This delicate technique takes a bit more time and patience than ordinary dying. To create this pretty decoration, you need fresh eggs that have been refrigerated and are free of cracks. Next, use a pin or sharp needle to pierce the top and the bottom of the egg. Make sure you pierce the yolk, and then gently blow through one of the holes until all of the yolk and white empties. Place a bowl underneath to catch the egg’s guts. Finally, run water through the egg, shake it slightly to remove any residual moisture and then decorate it with paint, dye, plastic pearls or rhinestones.

DECOUPAGE: Use this timeless decorating technique on eggs to give them added dimension. Simply tear strips of tissue paper into tiny pieces, and then glue them in a random pattern on the egg. Next, apply a layer of Mod Podge to the entire egg using a foam paintbrush. Finally, allow the eggs to dry before placing them in baskets.

SPRAY: Spray painted eggs are simple yet beautiful. The technique allows you to decorate eggs in a host of different colors and textures, including gold leaf, silver leaf, chrome, and iridescent. Advanced crafters could also create a stained glass effect. If you have young children, give them chalkboard painted eggs and let them draw on their own decorations. You could also paint on stripes, dots or asymmetrical lines.

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