Eleven Years of Marriage

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a little bit about my own marriage. My husband and I have been together for twelve years, and recently celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary. We were married at a local courthouse, and we didn’t have a honeymoon, but we have what most people consider a good marriage. We are far from perfect, and we have our share of problems like any couple does, but many people accuse us of being the perfect couple. There is no such thing. A good marriage takes a lot of work, and we do work at it.

It sounds so cliché to say that my husband is my best friend, but he is truly the best friend I have ever had. I trust him implicitly. We both have friends, but when it comes to sharing dreams and triumphs, looking for support or comfort, and most other important issues, we run to each other first. I tell him things before I tell my mom or my women friends, and I love the fact that I can tell him anything.

I believe that there really are people that are meant for each other, and I feel that we are two of those people. Even so, marriage still isn’t easy. Each spouse has to be willing to put the other first, at least some of the time.

I adore my husband, and I love him as much now as I did when the relationship was new… maybe more. I think I love him more now, because I’ve grown to appreciate what a good man he is. We have been through a lot together in eleven years of marriage, including each one of us losing a parent as well as the joys and challenges of raising four children together. I don’t know what the next eleven years will bring, but I do know that there is no one I would rather spend them with.