Eliminate Movie Check Out Fees

You’ve heard me say it before: the library is a great source of movies. But many libraries are now charging a check-out fee, as high as $1 a day. I have some tips for getting those movie checkouts for free, despite the fees. With the money you save, you could always make a direct donation to the library and then claim it on your taxes.

If your local library charges for movie check outs, try the following tips.

Check to find out if there are exemptions. Some libraries only charge for current hit movies that are in demand. If this is the case, take advantage of the wealth of older movies that have stood the test of time.

Check policies about educational movies. Many videos that are considered educational are exempt from library check out fees. Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with the life cycle of the teetsy fly. James Cameron’s documentary on the Titanic, Planet Earth, historical reality shows such as the 1900 House, and classic BBC films such as Pride and Prejudice, are usually on that educational list. Search PBS or BBC when you are looking for videos.

Check for movies through interlibrary loan. While your local library charges a checkout fee for videos, chances are that another library within your local library system does not. Request movies from that non-fee library. You’ll also get a chance to watch movies that your local library does carry.

Check to see if you can volunteer. Volunteers with the library are often given special privileges, such as the waving of checkout fees. Find something you would like to do, from cataloging books to reading a story to preschoolers. Or just ask where you could be the most help. There may even be some work that you can do at home in your spare time.

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