ElisaLou Bags

As scrapbookers, I think we come to appreciate and enjoy looking at beautiful patterns and designs. The longer we scrapbook, the more important a beautiful design can become. I recently came across some bags that are available in a variety of gorgeous patterns and colors. I couldn’t help but think about how great these designs would be as patterned paper. I also though about how these bags would make a great tote for scrapbooking supplies. ElisaLou Designs could be the next place you will turn to find a beautiful bag to hold your scrapbooking goodies for your next crop.

These bags are not only beautiful, they are also very functional. The Large Designer Bucket Bags and the Messenger Bags would be the perfect edition to my travel scrapbook accessories. The messenger bag is the most roomy, measuring 15-inches by 13-inches, which would give you plenty of room to carry paper, a trimmer, and a few embellishments. I love that the bags have interior pockets because that helps keep things more organized.

One of my favorite things about these bags it that you get to choose your own combination of fabrics for your bag. If you are not feeling brave enough to pick out coordinating fabrics for your bag, suggested coordinating fabrics are listed when you click on the color swatch. The fabric options are on the web pages with the details of the bag. If you click on a swatch with a “D” on it, you will get more detailed shots of the bags; most of them with interior shots of the bags too. I also like the pictures showing someone wearing the bag so that you can have an idea of the actual size of the bag.

So if you are in the market for a beautiful, unique bag I suggest that you check out the bags at ElisaLou. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.